I would like to provide a brief introduction to who I am. My name is Lori and I have been an active nurse since 1990. Some may believe that having been in the medical field for such an extended period of time that person should know all there is to know regarding medical interventions. Medicine and medical treatment or interventions is ever evolving. The only certainty is what is considered highly effective today will be improved upon tomorrow. Oddly enough the complex human body continues to require the same nutrients, minerals, hydration and exercise that was required to maintain optimal functioning as was required 100 years ago. One hundred years ago the human body was working, expending energy and being OUT IN FRESH AIR AND SUNLIGHT. There was not the convenience of fast-food drive throughs, no microwaved meals and you know the rest of the story. Too much of anything is NEVER a good thing. Let’s get back to some basics and learn HOW TO SURVIVE THE PANDEMIC.

Sunshine is something we need. Everyone talks about too much sunshine not being good for you. That is true, we have all had education regarding those excessive ultra-violet rays causing cancer. Studies suggest that the global number is approximately 0.1%. Sunlight and Vitamin D should be a solid foundation to begin some sort of well- being. A fair skinned person with one-half hour in the sun can begin the release of 50,000 IU of Vitamin D into your blood circulation within 24 hours. This is a prime example of a ‘hand-in-glove’ operation. Insufficient amounts of Vitamin D put us on a pathway for deterioration of bones. We often associate bone fractures with falling, however, frequently it is a ‘spontaneous’ fracture of the bone that causes the fall. I have noticed that with age the possibility of fractures lay a little more heavily on your mind. Covid and what we can do to arm our bodies against this virus is the initial goal. I don’t want to get side -tracked, but I felt that was definitely note-worthy. Vitamin D plays a key role in immune function and helps reduce inflammation. Rather it be Covid or any other virus don’t we want to reduce inflammation? Speak to your doctor about any supplements. I have no authority to prescribe any regimen of medication. After 31 years I feel I have gained the wisdom to help guide anyone with what they can do to build their own defense within their body. These are supplements that you can purchase at an affordable price almost anywhere. Studies have suggested that low levels of Vitamin D are linked with greater risks of viral upper respiratory tract infections and the flu.

Let’s start there. One thing at a time, one step at a time to do what we can do to help ourselves through this pandemic. We will get to where we need to go one step at a time.

I will improve with writing and reaching out, this is my first step and I hope together we will make tomorrow brighter.

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Thirty-one year nurse in the real world!

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