A study in light, color, and form. Created in studio with a collection of damaged lenses that I’ve acquired over the years. Each is available as a 18×24 inch giclee print on archival paper.


Covid has played havoc globally for two plus years. Yes, there are things we can and should do to equip our body to fight this virus. We need to begin to take steps in protecting our body. Live our life healthy as possible. Everyone is a ‘loved one.’ Love alone is enough reason to begin to fight. Fight for YOURSELF! I understand that the Omicron virus is deemed less lethal than previous variants. Even though the Omicron virus variant has appeared less lethal, the right chronic conditions at the ‘wrong’ time can still have devastating effects on a person.

DILUTE BETADINE NASAL WASH AND GARGLE can help you. Twice a day as prophylactic treatment. If you know you have been exposed, do it more often. I am attaching a link to a study that proves the benefits. Do not use povidone iodine, (betadine) if you have the condition of hyperthyroidism. The iodine content is not a ‘good’ thing with a diagnosis of hyperthyroid. If that pertains to you, substitute with hydrogen peroxide that you probably have in your medicine cabinet. I am not a physician and please understand that I am not prescribing a medication regimen. I am including the link for this study. I DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO CONTINUE TO LIVE IN FEAR! Please, do the research and listen to both sides of the argument. By listening to both sides, this enables you to come to your own conclusion. Fear is motivated by the lack of understanding and/or knowledge. It’s out there. I have personally done dilute betadine swabs to my nose twice a day for months. I can attest to the sucess of this simple remedy. My 16-year-old grandson tested positive for Covid just several days before Christmas. My work required a negative Covid test from me before returning to work and that same day my husband became ill. You guessed it; he was positive for Covid. That meant fourteen days of close exposure to Covid positive people. I performed dilute betadine swabs to my nose four times a day and rinsed my mouth out daily with an over-the-counter mouthwash. I continued with vitamin supplements that consisted of Vitamin C (1000mg), D3 (50,000 IU), Zinc (50 mg) and Quercetin (500mg), every day. The Covid test remained negative. That tells me that something is working. (I will provide the studies that support that particular supplement regimen on my next blog.) It is very important to me to provide you facts, research and studies that support what I am saying.

By no means am I attempting to down-play the Covid virus. Covid is real, it has taken lives. That alone, is one of the saddest aspects. I’ve heard the ‘conspiracy theories’ also. Personally, whether it was man made or naturally occurring, is not the point. COVID IS HERE! Staying alone, isolating from your loved ones, living in fear or worse yet, living and planning your life around the next ‘set of instructions’, IS NOT LIVING! If you find yourself waiting on the newest direction from the media, you are not living your life. I would like you to read what I’m putting out there and view the links I will be providing. I have to put this out there, “GOD DID NOT GIVE US A SPIRIT OF FEAR.”

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Stay well and God Bless!


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